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Ginger & Smart 24 August 2016 1:45am

The GINGER & SMART SS 2015 collection is driven by a powerful yet gentle shift in perspective. The impetus for the collection was born of an awakening to the strange and fragile beauty around us. The result is a presentation that reflects a sense of place. It’s not a literal lesson but a deeper understanding of the concept of Latitude; possibilities of where and who we are, drawing on the collective consciousness of what is beautiful and relevant now.

In this collection, the structure and flow of raw landscapes create a strong core for the archetypal GINGER & SMART push and pull of tensions. There are geographical parallels everywhere, between dangerous rock formations that withdraw to reveal powder-soft sands, peculiar and delicate leaves and flowers that thrive in subtly threatening spaces, all given Latitude to flourish, spread and run wild.It’s this play on conflict that defines GINGER & SMART’s design tenet, contrasting strength and fragility, masculinity and femininity; like setting gentlemanly hardware against the softest fabrications. In this collection, rose gold veers from whimsical banksia leaves smattered over dress shoulders to robust straps on bags and shoes.

The predominant silhouette is slightly undone; a bit easy, a bit loose, with gently asymmetric drop waists to keep the profile grounded. Unexpected slits appear in fluid pants, dresses, on shoulders and hems. These generous cuts giving movement from a measured balance of structure and fluidity mean fabrication is key.

Combining tradition and technology, GINGER & SMART have redefined lace. The introduction of the rawness of our strange flora to this beloved fabric speaks of romance and ritual by creating truly authentic Southern Hemisphere laces of desert rose, wattle, and delicate seed pods. The lace is in effect a fabric fossil of nature. Constructed silk plumes wave and breathe alongside silks printed with bursts of passionate wild spider orchids, ghost gum and rolling sand dunes; and it’s all anchored with the discipline of tough accessories, like the Crusader Bootie with its sand dune rubber tread.

Right now there is an emerging awareness of the force of nature and how we feature in it.In response, Latitude delivers an authentic perspective of where we are, how we feel and how we want to dress.


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